Make Today Your Best Day Yet

Make today your best day yet.

Think about today and forget about yesterday but not what you learnt. You can’t go back as yesterday has gone never to be seen again. Certainly don’t live your life for tomorrow as unfortunately it might never come. Today, this very hour ,minute, second is what counts, the right here and now.


Get up early and smile because you woke up today!

Remember tomorrow might never come.


If you have a job carry it out to the best of your ability doing the hours necessary but no more as life is to precious. Spend time on your dreams and not any one else’s. Enjoy your family, your children, friends and hobbies. You have just the one life so go live it!

If you don’t work then bring joy to someone else life who is less unfortunate than yourself . Their joy will be your joy

Make time for yourself and people who matter to you. Turn off the mobile, TV, Computer and sit down with your family and friends to show them that they do matter and you do care.

Let the people that are important to you and your life know it.

Yesterday has gone, tomorrow might not come, so live for today.


Make today the best day yet!


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