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Membership Sites-The Benefits Of Having a Subscription Based Membership Site

A majority of the people that write about the benefits of having a subscription based membership site do not know what they are writing or talking about.

They talk about having recurring money flowing into their bank balance every month with very few members or content in the site.


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The truth is nearly all these authors do not have a membership site themselves or if they do not a profitable one. Yet they still write about the advantages of owning and running one and I call these type of people “Text Book Personal” as they know how to do it in books but not in the real world.

So, my question to you is:

Would you trust or rely on information given by some someone or company that has not done it themselves?

I do hope you answered “No” to the question above otherwise we are in trouble lol. It would be like you asking for advice on a medical question to a person that you found in a white coat. The white coat doesn’t make him an expert on medical conditions as far as you know he could be a car technician (Now that would make a interesting conversation).

Don’t get me wrong I do agree with what some of people say about membership sites, even if they make these types of statements without having a successful site themselves. Some of the information can be good even if they are just repeating what they have read elsewhere or what some other person has said.

Does this make them an expert on running membership sites or even setting them up? In my mind the answer is “No” because unless they have done it themselves how will they know all the ins and outs.

There is of cause software and plugins that you can use to make and build your membership sites but are they the right ones to use for your purpose? As the say goes “You Get What You Pay For”.

If you think that a membership site is the way to go to earn you or company reoccurring money, why on earth would you use something that is unstable or you do not have full control over.

There are a lot of more considerations that you should think about too.

  • Maintenance
  • Ease of use
  • Bandwidth use
  • Hosting
  • Speed
  • Limited use
  • Designs
  • Social media
  • On boarding
  • Levels on access

The list does go on and on.

One last thing you should also be thinking about. Will it be you that is building this membership site and have you all the knowledge and expertise required to succeed?

Or do you think it is better to use a successful dedicated company that does this for a living having all the above and a lot more already in situ from dedicated cloud servers, design teams, technical, marketing and strategy personnel all waiting to take action?

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