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What Is A Membership Site?

What Is A Membership Site?

What is a membership site?

It is surprising how many times “What is a membership site” is asked, so let me give you an answer.


What Is A Membership Site?


A membership site is where you allow people to access content that can be paid for or free to become a member of a site. They usually have to leave some personal details to be allowed access to the content that is behind a locked barrier. Some of those personal details are then used to login to that site, after the new member has confirmed their details, usually by responding to an email that has been sent from the site for confirmation.

What is the difference between paid and free membership sites.

The usual difference between these types of sites is that the content is more valuable on paid sites than free sites, but that is not always the case. The cost of entry to these membership sites can vary from extremely cheap to thousands.

The payment can also vary from on off payments for life, to monthly or year subscriptions.

These types of sites can be used for many reasons. You can have memberships to allow members to congregate in one area for easy contact, to distribute content, to share information to name a few.

The content can also vary from courses, PDF’s, videos, software, tuition and for so many other uses.

There can also be different levels of membership to allow different access to content. You might be asking “What do you mean by that?”

Well there are different levels you are granted access depending on what you have been allowed. You might be granted access to a higher level if you have paid extra to obtain that content

I hope that answers your question of “What is a membership site”.

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