You Get What You Give

You Get What You Give

I am sure you have heard this saying many times before but do you believe it?

Are you a person that always think negative thoughts or are you a person that thinks positively? Do you know what I mean or does this happen without you realizing it?

Okay lets take an easy real life example.  Say you knock a half full (or half empty depending how you look at it) glass over. Do you say “Look at the mess I have to clear up” or do you say “That’s lucky it wasn’t a full glass as it would be more of a mess to clear up”. Can you see how you change a bad situation into a better one by just thinking differently and that is the same in life.

Look for the good in people and you will find it but it can just as easily work the other way by looking for the bad in people and you sure will find it. It doesn’t what ever it is you always get the same outcome.

It’s the same when you give love you get love back and if you give out hatred you get hatred back.

Yes, we’ve all heard of this. Most call it karma. For those who believe and know that this is true, we know that it works for both good and bad.

Happiness in our lives comes from being of service to others. Some may think it comes from money or from winning a contest. In truth, these things are only temporary. To be of true service to others, you must give from your heart without the expectation of reciprocity (how many people do you know that do this? Not many I bet.)

You may give kindness to someone who does not want or appreciate it. Does that mean you should let it change you? No it doesn’t as if you stay true and follow your heart, the kindness will surely return to you by some other means or some other person that you don’t expect.



Until you follow this path, you will never ever be truly happy, and there will always be a certain emptiness contained within you.
There are many ways we can help others…volunteering, taking care of a loved one, secretly doing a good deed for someone, giving someone some money without expecting it paid back. You can make your own list up and I am sure that you can find something that can apply to you.

I am not sure whose quote this is but it goes like this:

Life is an echo.
What you send out comes back.
What you sow you reap.
What you give you get.
What you see in others exists in you.
Life is an echo.
It always gets you back.
So give Goodness.

Your service will make you happier and in doing so, if you pay close attention, you will see that happiness spread. So be of service to others and let it change you; let it change the world.

And remember…

You get what you give!

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